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Hi there! I'm very excited to check out your restaurant, but I had a few questions before I stop in. There seem to be many vegetarian options, but none are labeled as vegan. Are there any options free of meat (including fish), dairy, butter, honey or any ingredient that is made or harvested from animals? If your food is vegan, labeling it as such on the menu sends a wonderful message that you care about vegans and what's important to them, and that you welcome them in your establishment. If things can be made vegan upon request, explicitly listing this on the menu is a huge help! If your food is not vegan, please keep me in the loop if you decide to add vegan food to your menu, as I'd love to stop in. Vegans love to promote companies that have dishes for us. We tend to go out of our way to bring in business, either by sharing photos of our meals on social media (the hashtag #whatveganseat has over six million photos of vegan food on Instagram!) for others to see, or
Sarah LaDuke
Just getting in touch for coupons. :-)
David’s Uptown Noodle
David’s Uptown Noodle Best Noodle Restaurant in New York
11 Colvin Ave., Albany, NY 12206
Tel.: (518) 458-8866
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