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Tony Campanella
Would David's Uptown Noodle want to be in an article I'm writing? It's about best secret food items not on the menu. I'd like to highlight outstanding food options for 5 of the best restaurants in Albany or Troy. The goal for this article is to intrigue readers to get them in your door. I can even write about the secret menu item being made only on a certain night of the week. (We'll make it a slow night) Are there choices that people ask for but aren't on the menu at David's Uptown Noodle?
Amanda Edney
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Diana Williams
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DJ Hayden
Excellent noodles, fairly priced, and open late - what's not to like!
David’s Uptown Noodle
David’s Uptown Noodle Best Noodle Restaurant in New York
11 Colvin Ave., Albany, NY 12206
Tel.: (518) 458-8866
Fax: (518) 489-8886
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